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Rod Holder

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The Phantom is a rod holder designed to make getting back on the water a lot easier.

Tying on a new fly? Trying to rig up a topper dropper? Untangling line? Landing a fish? Taking those Instagram-worthy pictures? Use the Phantom to secure your fly rod to a sturdy grip and let gravity and balance do the rest.

Here is a link to our Youtube Playlist.

“It’s the game changer that I had been missing from my wading gear.” - Hill E.

“The clip has allowed me to easily take a fish off the fly or change flies without dropping my rod in the water or holding the rod in an uncomfortable position. It has made wet wading much easier. And when I can change my fly faster, I can catch more fish!” - Stephen R.

“I don’t have to rely on tucking my rod handle into my armpit just to deal with knots, tangles, or flies.” J.C.

Belt Requirements: Notice the picture of belt types. Not all belts can pass through the belt clip, particularly belts with male and female clips.

Stickers: For each purchase, I send two stickers: brook trout skin and rainbow trout skin. Cut up and attach however you see fit. I've seen buyers cut out zig-zags, lightning bolts, and spirals. You can't go wrong with cutting to shape.

Belt Clip Color: In the "Order comments" section, note which color belt clip (black, red, or blue) you'd like. Supply is very limited. If I am out of the color you selected, I'll email you. That, or you can go ahead and number the color preference: 1) __, 2) __, 3)__ (black, red, or blue).

Multiple orders: If you plan on ordering multiple units, do me a solid and email me first. I'm a one-man shop with a limited number, so I want to make sure I have everything I need to serve your needs, and if not, can get it in a timely fashion.

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