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TITLE: Receiver of Memory

REPORTS TO: The Mountain Grove Committee of Elders


  • Intelligence, Integrity, Courage, and Wisdom

  • The Capacity to See Beyond

  • The successful completion of the Giver's Receiver of Memory training

  • The ability to withstand the weight of our collective pain and suffering


  • Take on the burden of knowledge so that we no longer have to bear it

  • Report to the Annex every day

  • Use the wisdom you’ve gained from our memories to counsel and advise the Committee of Elders

  • Withhold all information about your work from everyone, including your family

  • Suffer in silence and isolation

  • Become the Giver someday

  • Dream-telling, medication, and release are prohibited

  • Do not fail, as she did…


  • The status as “most important member” of the Committee of Elders

  • You will receive your own dwelling, one that is different from those of most family units

  • You are permitted to lie

  • You are permitted to ask any question of any citizen, and you will receive answers

  • Exemption from rules governing rudeness

  • You have access to everything, including books

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: 365 days annually, 24 hours a day

EVALUATION: As an employee of Mountain Grove, performance will be evaluated in accordance with the Committee of Elders’ policies on evaluation of professional personnel. As the Receiver of Memory, performance will be based on whether the community feels any pain or not.

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